Scents and aromas are the strongest sensations that ignite memories and emotions. Fragrances speak volumes to the soul with their unique tranquilizing, enthralling and transporting qualities. Balad Oudh & Attar is an exotic destination amidst the rolling hills of Thekkady, blending fragrance notes with the fresh mountain air, for the soul-searching traveller.

At Balad, we showcase to you in our elegant showroom, the best in the world of fragrances. Be it the deeply rich aromas of original Oudh created from the exotic Agarwood tree resins or the Attars from pure essential oils, we have collected the premium quality fragrances from around the world for you. We also sport a great collection of traditional Arabian Bakhour (Incenses), classy perfumes and assorted Kashmiri Shawls to comfort the art-lover in you.

Visit our exquisite Gallery to delve into a myriad array of authentic fragrance products and Kashmiri shawls and discover one more reason to explore the jade-green woods and hills of Thekkady.

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