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Aksharam International Malayalam Academy

There are thousands of Keralites living in different parts of the world as expatriates. We can find many people who have chosen exile to meet their livelihood over the years as global citizens in various countries. Even though they have settled in other countries and become citizens of those countries, Keralites are eager to preserve their heritage and tradition. There are many people who have not been able to learn their mother tongue due to living abroad for a long time. Aksharam International Malayalam Academy is finding a solution for them.

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Why aksharam is different

Why AKSHARAM is different

This course aims at developing the personality and natural abilities and skills of the students beyond just learning the Malayalam language. The main objective of Aksharam Academy is to create a generation on a global scale that can form its own perspectives, make decisions and dream of specific goals for the future.

Instead of living as addicts to modern technology, Aksharam International Malayalam Academy strongly believes that there is an urgent need for a generation that can use their potential to emerge as world leaders. Aksharam is a unique project which delivers classes on every weekend on Malayalam language in scientific methods where the subject experts will be available to support the students.

Features that you are gonna Love

Explore the inspiring features we provide.

Certificate Course

Malayalam Basic Certificate Course is designed and developed for the students who do not know even the basics of Malayalam language.

Diploma Course

Diploma in Advanced Malayalam is designed for those who want to become more proficient in the Malayalam language.

Interactive Live Sessions

Students from all over the world can participate in our live classes through the Zoom application.

Assessments; Activities

Various activities, different assessments, fun games and quizzes ​​are organized to improve the learning level of the students.

Want to join us?

Who can enrol

Anyone of all ages and from all over the world who wants to learn Malayalam can join the course. The fresh applications who don’t know the basics of Malayalam language can join the Malayalam Basic Certificate Course. This course is based on a syllabus that compiles basic studies of the language, including writing and reading. The duration of the course is two years. Those who want to become more proficient in the Malayalam language can join Diploma in Advanced Malayalam after successfully completing the Malayalam Basic Certificate Course.

Fee structure

The course fee is $30 per month. Once the students are admitted to the programme, we will share them with a user account. Login details will be sent to the registered mail of the candidates. By the way the payment gateway will be opened in their user account and they can pay through it.
  • Certificate Course
  • Diploma Course
  • Interactive Live Sessions
  • Assessments; Activities
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Live classes in convenient time zones
  • Presence of qualified teachers
  • And much more...
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