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Balad International Institute of Research and Training

Balad International Institute of Research and Training (BIIRT) is an educational institute working in research, traning and community development. Located in kerala, India, Balad International Institute of Research and Training (BIIRT) seeks to provide unparalleled opportunities where inquiry and discovery are integral to teaching and learning at all levels utilizing a multidisciplinary approach across all focus areas.

BIIRT is a public platform fuses solid academic grounding together with contemporary studies in its social institutional values, curricula, teaching platforms and research endeavours and training events.

BIIRT is committed to actively contribute to achieving as a unique hub for knowledge and education.by building and cultivating human capacity through an enriching academic experience and an innovative research ecosystem. Through applying creativity to knowledge, students will have the opportunity to discover innovative solutions that are locally relevant and have a global impact.

At BIIRT – our students, faculty, staff, and leadership – all share a common belief in the power of higher education and research to make a positive impact in the development of world.

Our Vision.

To be a unique international institute which aims to create an international multi-disciplinary platform to shape education models, explore ground-breaking innovations and take concrete steps in making significant improvements to worldwide education in the 21st century and to be an innovation-based academic international institute leading in education and research, solving critical challenges facing the world. Our motto is A Unique hub for knowledge and education.

Our Mission.

BIIRT develops world-class, integrated academic programs, publications, information services, online learning courses, conferences, training programmes and innovative research projects that drive collaboration with the world’s best institutions, cultivating leaders for the future,